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light purple dog tail plug and ear set Shiba Inu tail butt plug dog tail buttplug dog ear fox tail plug wolf tail analplug cosplay puppy playsextoy

There are two options for the tail:
1. There is a wire in the tail, the tail will be harder, suitable for taking pictures and playing cospaly.
2. There is no wire in the tail, suitable for fun games.
The tail with iron wire is sent by default. If you want to buy the tail without iron wire, please leave a note in personalized message.
Note: For a tail without wire, it is necessary to keep a small length of wire at the beginning to maintain the curvature and beauty of the tail, and it will not affect the softness of the tail.
If you have special requirements, please contact me.

Materials: faux fur, fake fur, metal plug, silicone plug, detach butt plug, screw detachable plug, headband.

Shipment(Free shipping):
Non-customized: Shipped within 5-7 days.
Customized: Shipped within 7-10 days.

We have 100% privacy guarantee (All orders are sent in cartons, no one will know what products are inside).

The tail of this link has 8 styles of plugs. The plug styles of the tail are: R, N, T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4, T-5 and T-6.
The three styles of plugs R, N and T-1 are available in three sizes: S, M and L.
T-2, T-3, T-4, T-5 and T-6, only one size.
Please refer to the picture to select the plug style and size when purchasing (note: the picture has marked whether the plug is detachable, please pay attention when purchasing).
for example:
``R-S'' means: The plug style is R small plug.
``R-M'' means: the plug style is R medium plug.
``R-L'' means: the plug style is R large plug.
``T-1-S'' means: the plug style is T-1 small plug.
``T-1-M'' means: the plug style is T-1 medium plug.
``T-1-L'' means: the plug style is T-1 large plug.
``T-2'' means: the plug style is a T-2 plug (only one size)
``T-3'' means: the plug style is a T-3 plug (only one size)
And so on.

The T-shaped plug is recommended, because it helps to fit ass ditch, prevent the tail from swinging from side to side and keep the tail in the correct posture.

This tail has two length options available in this listing. You can choose the 19 in / 48 cm length or 21 in / 54 cm length ( base of curve to top ). The curvature of the tail can be adjusted.
The ears measure about 4.5" / 11.5 cm tall and come on a headband, the ears are wired and can be easily posed and shaped as well as being positioned by sliding them up or down on the headband.

If you choose “Headband Ears”, it means you will only buy a pair of ears.
If you choose “19'' Set (Ribbon)”, it means you will buy a pair of ears and a 19 inch tail attached with 2 ribbons (without plug).
If you choose “21'' Set (Ribbon)”, it means you will buy a pair of ears and a 21 inch tail attached with 2 ribbons (without plug).

We do make custom orders as well so if you have an idea for something unique that you would like made or would simply like to make alterations to this item please send us a message (additional charges apply).

We are all made of pure hand-sewing, to ensure durable strength tail.

Because these items are handmade they can have some differences from photos and measurements. While we will always try to help in any way that we can, we are not responsible for any issues that arise from an order being purchased with the wrong shipping address.

We sell only high quality tails, ears and accessories so please look at all of our many available items in our shop by clicking this link and while you’re there add our shop to your favorites!

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