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Customized Handmade Fox Tail Butt Plugs and Maching Ears by Aliriga

Customized Handmade Fox Tail Butt Plugs and Maching Ears by Aliriga

Pet play is a kink in which one or more participants role-play as a pet animal. This is also a type of BDSM, where one plays the role of a pet and the other plays the role of an owner.

The most popular are definitely Kitten Play and Puppy Play, but others include Unicorn Play, Pony Play, Bat Play, Wolf Play, Fox Play, and Bunny Rabbit Play, Piggy Play.

What are some animals people dress up as and how do they express this lifestyle? During pet play, you can play the more gentle rabbit and kitten. You can also act as a leopard or puppy, which is more wild.

However, your pet play wouldn't be complete without wearing petplay gear。

The petplay gear we have: tails, ears and butt plugs, these petplay gears can add infinite excitement to your role playing.

We make clip on tails-no plug for costumes.

We also make butt plug tails for more intimate(various plugs).

Our tails come in a huge variety, with fox tail plugs, cat tail plugs, bunny tail plugs, wolf tail plugs, deer tail plugs, dog tail plugs and a whole lot more! You can try short tails, long tails, curly tails, fluffy tails, 3 tailed kitsune tails, tug tails, any tail you can think of. All attached or detached to our finest plugs for your anal delights. the animal tails are made from real fur or faux fur. Artificial or not, everything is still high-quality. Our tails are available in different lengths, colours, and shapes so these can meet different preferences.

The plugs of the tail are our specialty. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials.

According to the material, we have plugs made of silicone and metal.

Silicone plugs are divided into detachable silicone plugs and undetachable silicone plugs.

Metal plugs are divided into detachable metal plugs and undetachable metal plugs.

Undetachable metal plugs are attached to the tail.

Detachable metal plugs are divided into regular detachable plugs (Connect to the tail with a metal ring ) and screw detachable plugs(detach the plug with the screw on the base attached to the tail).

Detachable tail butt plug is a find for those who like thorough disinfection, having unfastened the tail, you can especially diligently clean the plug without being afraid of damaging the fur.

In addition, the tail butt plug is a find for those who like to diversify their wardrobe. The same plug can be used depending on the mood with the tails of different lengths. In this case, you will experience a completely new feeling. You can buy the tails separately, which will be much cheaper than buying a regular anal tail.

Petplay how can the absence of the ear. Sexy and lovely animal ears are created for people who like not just sex, but intrigue and role play, like kitten play. For those who like to awaken in themselves an animal power and passion. It all depends on your imagination and on the plot of the sex games: you can be a cunning fox, craving for affection, or a wild animal, which can only be curbed by force.

Charming ears made of high quality realistic faux fur will take a worthy place in your Pet Play. They are fluffy enough, pleasant to the touch, look natural and attractive. The ears are attached to the head with a metal headband. If you head It’s sensitive and uncomfortable to wear a headband. We can also make hairpin ears and comb ears.

We have a wide variety of petplay ears, including fox ears, cat ears, rabbit ears, wolf ears, deer ears, dog ears and more! All our ears have matching tails, Our ears have different heights, colors and shapes, which can meet different preferences. All ears can adjust the distance as needed, and dog ears can adjust the bending degree.

Butt plugs are made from either metal or silicone, both of which are medical-grade and non-toxic. Go for silicone if you're still starting out, while those who are up for an adventure will love our stainless steel variants! We spent a lot of time to make sure that they don't have any harsh components, and that they're completely waterproof.

If you want to have a smoother experience, you can apply a generous amount of your favorite lubricant. Silicone tail plugs should only be given water-based formulas, or else they'll react to the ingredients and disintegrate the toy. A stainless steel tail plug can be used with any kind of lube.

You can also choose the size and shape of your plug. We have a lot of options for your preferences and needs. If the normal teardrop shape is beginning to bore you, you can choose a ribbed style, a beaded structure, or other shapes.

These ears, tail butt plugs and butt plugs will breathe new life into your role-play and open the door to a world of delightful pleasure that you could only dream about earlier! In addition to browsing our website, you have nothing to ask for. Come on, choose a toy you like!

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