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Cat ear headband and tail set kitten ear and tail

Shipment(Free shipping):
Non-customized: Shipped within five days.
Customized: Shipped within 7 days

Every tail butt plug and ear order ships 100% discreetly. We have a 100% privacy guarantee.

Our Tug Tails (made for pulling) are detachable and interchangeable.
Please refer to the picture to select the plug style and size when purchasing.
for example:
``R-S'' means: The style is R small plug.
``R-M'' means: the style is R medium plug.
``R-L'' means: the style is R large plug.
``N-S'' means: the style is N small plug.
``N-M'' means: the style is N medium plug.
``N-L'' means: the style is N large plug.

If you choose “Ear and Tail (Ribbon)”, it means you will buy a pair of ears and a tail attached with 1 ribbon (without plug).
If you choose "Tail (Ribbon)", it means that you will buy a tail attached with 1 ribbon (without plug).

The tail length is 36 inches / 91cm length.
The ears measure about 3.1" / 8 cm and they are wired and can be easily posed and shaped as well as being positioned by sliding them up or down on the headband.

We do make custom orders as well so if you have an idea for something unique that you would like made or would simply like to make alterations to this item please send us a message (additional charges apply).

We are all made of pure hand-sewing, to ensure durable strength tail.

Because these items are handmade they can have some differences from photos and measurements. While we will always try to help in any way that we can, we are not responsible for any issues that arise from an order being purchased with the wrong shipping address.

We sell only high quality tails, ears and accessories so please look at all of our many available items in our shop by clicking this link and while you’re there add our shop to your favorites!

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